A Typical Day Honing The Craft

Most days started the same. Get up, washed, down for breakfast to eat as much as I could from the hot buffet before heading back up to the hotel room to double check the camera kit. If I forget anything at this point such as charged batteries or memory cards then my day will be largely wasted.

Packed and leaving the hotel I head for the London underground. Most my photography was performed over the summer months so being very hot and humid I always stuck an extra T-shirt and bottle of water in my camera backpack. 

The tube would rattle its way along to my departure station and I'd always walk the rest of the way to the studio to get some fresh air. As the people jostled by heading to work or out for a jog I'd usually grab a coffee to stroll along with and just absorb this area of the city. Some peace before the day's shoot.

Arriving at the studio I'd greet the other creatives as they arrived for their involvement in the day's photographic session - stylists, hair, makeup artists, models, other photographers (if it is a group shoot) and one one occasion a director.

After discussions on how we wanted the end images to look and feel, the hair and makeup artists would go to work on the model and I'd take some time to go over the set, background and lighting. As most sessions were usually studio based, background creativity was somewhat limited. However, it did make it more controlable, as outdoors or on a location there is always the sun to deal with, and if outdoors we usually wanted an extra person or two as a portable lighting solution. 

A couple of hours would pass and and at this point the models were sorting out clothing with the stylists. If there were spare people hanging around we'd test shoot them to check the lighting and ensure that everything was as set as it could be. Equipment I have to say was generally reliable at the studios, but that one flash head that wouldn't fire would always cause some downtime. 

Finally the moment the photographer waits for arrives and the shoot begins. The first few are just test shots with a colour chart and I evaluate critically what is being captured. Then, for about the next twenty minutes, the whole team comes togeather to encourage and support both photographer and model during the shoot. 

Tewnty minutes goes by very fast, but then we have a short break. After this we'll go for another session, but we'll have changed a couple of things. A dress, the background,  the hairstyle. Something to give a slightly differing feel for the second session. 

After this, our day is pretty much done and we say our good byes - and I hate good byes as nearly everyone I have worked with in this industry has been great.  Time to dismantle the set and return to the hotel to review my images. Though if we're lucky, some of us will meet up for a pint before heading off. 
The images presented here are a small collection of some of the models I have particularly enjoyed working with as I've progressed on my journey in photography.   

If your image is here... well done and thank you.

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