For most my life now I've been raised and located round North East Scotland employed in the electronics and electrical engineering field. During the last several years I've been playing around with cameras, working out some technical aspect or trying to learn the creative theories of pulling a shot together.

To further enhance this, I took a trip down to England and successfully completed Skill Set diplomas in both Portraiture and Wedding Photography, closely followed by both Fashion Photography and Photoshop course at Central St Martins in London. Having enjoyed the experience, I continued taking a number of trips to London working alongside other creatives in hair, make-up, modeling and other like minded photographers in order to collaborate on creating imagery.

Back with my feet in North East Scotland again, a website soon became inevitable and through wanting to utilize some moving content on the website I was naturally drawn into very basic movie making. This eventually led to a collaborative arrangement with a small, friendly local film making group, and from here into Steadicam systems which I'm loving. I would still consider myself an amateur in all this, but an amateur with a passion.

Now you're as up to date as I am!


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